Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity works to give a hand-up (not a hand-out) to a hardworking family in need of a decent, affordable home by providing the sponsorship, funds and volunteers to actually help the family build their new home without interest or profit. This ministry raises funds for the construction costs of a Habitat house, and enlists volunteers for construction, telephoning, snacks/drinks/meals for construction volunteers, and parish volunteers to pray for the success of the project and the safety of construction volunteers. It is one of the few ministries in which everyone can play a roll and can view with pride the progress of a house being built, and then witness a final finished home and a very happy family. The population served, in addition to giving many volunteers opportunity, is the family chosen by Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio after a rigorous process (which helps ensure that the family will be able to afford the mortgage and upkeep of the home). Volunteer opportunities: donate funds, pray, make phone calls, work construction, or donate/deliver lunch or snacks. These activities can range from a few minutes to a day or more at the construction site. 

Contacts: Jack & Gladys Baker 614-4520