Weekly Prayer Groups

C.A.L.M. Moms

Mondays at 9:30am in Room 211 Monday mornings.

Bilingual Prayer Group  

Thursdays in Room 211 at 7pm. 

Charismatic & Healing Ministry

Fridays at 6:30pm in Room 210. 

Divine Mercy Chaplet

Fridays at 3pm in the St. Padre Pio Chapel.



Tuesdays 10am—11:30am, Room 209

“Have you tried to read the scriptures on you own only to find confusion? What does this mean? Why would he say that?” A lack of knowledge about the customs, history and language of those ancient times often leaves us with those feelings.

Under the leadership of knowledgeable professor, Dr. Ed Alcott, we have learned so much through these classes. Study guides are provided at no cost. For more information please call Irene Nikolewski at (210) 435-5825.


Wednesdays from 5:30pm—6:30pm, Room 209

“People of the Passion” by: Stephen J. Binz

Class will meet in Room 209 beginning on Wednesday September 13 and continue for 6 weeks ending October 18, 5:30—6:30pm. Contact: Irma Flores (210) 240-3760 or Henrietta Gray (210) 684-9066. The book can be purchased on Amazon.com or Threshold website.



Thursdays from 10am - 11:45am, Room 211

Living the Bible sessions led by Al Eisch will begin this semester on Thursday, September 14 with THE JESUS OF SCRIPTURES DVD series. This group of lectures is a brilliant and inspirational insight of the Scriptures by Rev. Donald Senior C.P., one of the world’s greatest living New Testament scholars. St. Pope John Paul II named him to the Pontifical Biblical Commission in 2001. 

Later in the year, they will turn to a New York Times bestseller, “What Jesus Meant”, by Garry Wills who gets to the heart of the Gospel “Addressing the meaning of Jesus’ teachings in the first century C.E., the book serves as a tool to combat the politicization of Jesus in the modern world” (Library Journal)